Ruthie Miller
Sideshow Performer
Born: Upstate New York, 1949

Ruthie was the middle child of Irma and Ab Miller. Ab owned the local meat market and small grocery store. Irma worked beside her husband in the store for many years. Ruthie was born with severe mental and physical problems. She was home schooled by an aunt until she was ten years old. When Ruthie became too much of an emotional and financial burden, the Millers turned her over to the circus the summer they performed in her home town. The Millers were also afraid of what would happen to Ruthie after they died and there was no one to care for her. As it turned out, Ruthie found a loving community with her fellow sideshow performers. She sends postcards from various parts of the country, Indiana, Texas, and Florida. She has not seen any family members since she left home.