Knuckles (a.k.a. Billy Dawson)
Born: Texas, 1947

Billy was the only child born to Mildred and Charlie Dawson. Charlie was a Fuller Brush salesman, Mildred was a homemaker. Billy did some time for petty larceny, writing bad checks, and milking money from old ladies through various schemes. He did a brief stint in the army but was given a dishonorable discharge for going AWOL and having a questionable relationship with a minor in town. He started with the G.E. Circus as a roustabout and worked his way up through the ranks doing various other jobs before finding his true passion as “Knuckles the Clown.” Billy has a history of alcohol abuse and depression. He has said that being “Knuckles” has saved him from himself. Charlie and Mildred Dawson never saw their son perform.