Bertha Mutter
Elephant Trainer
Born: Philadelphia, 1963

The only child of Dr. Henry and Gretchen Mutter of Philadelphia. From her first moments in the world, Bertha had the features and appearance of someone much older and wiser. As a child, people thought that she looked like a sage or a Buddha. She also had an extraordinary gift of being able to communicate with and control animals. Not only did her intelligence grow but she also grew in size. Bertha’s father did genetic research and practiced medicine at a prominent Philadelphia hospital and was very perplexed by his daughter’s condition. Her accelerated intellectual and physical development encouraged him to dedicate his life to genetic research.

Socially Bertha had a very hard time adjusting to every day life situations and had no tolerance for other people’s inferior intelligence. Social interactions were so painful she simply avoided them, giving people the impression that she was a snob. She was considered to be a loner and had no friends at all. While attending Smith College, majoring in psychology, Bertha had an opportunity to see the GE Circus perform. When the house lights dimmed under the big top, the band began to play, the first spotlight illuminated the center ring, the drum roll sounded, the announcer called the excited crowd to order and a hushed silence fell over the tent, out from the darkness came Nadine Patrolova, whip in hand, followed by eight wild tigers. At that moment, Bertha knew how she wanted to spend the rest of her life.

Bertha dropped out of Smith College, much to her parents dismay, and joined the circus. Bertha has been exciting and astounding crowds with her elephant act for twenty years. She has traveled the world with her herd of pachyderms, living the life she loves. She has tamed and trained the wildest of beasts. With her great insight and wisdom, she is also the resident psychologist and part-time tarot card reader for the G.E. Circus. Bertha eventually reconciled with her parents and the Mutters traveled the world watching their daughter perform.