Larry Redlinski
Animal Handler and Sometime Clown
Born: Ohio, 1943

The youngest of eight children, Larry was raised in Cleveland. His father worked in the Steel Mill for 40 years, his mother cleaned houses and took in laundry to help make ends meet. Larry dropped out of school after the tenth grade to join his father to work in the Steel Mill. He worked in the Mill for a few years as a welder but he longed for adventure, dreaming of far away places and a life full of excitement and newness. He couldn’t bear to end up like his father who was born and died in the same place, never setting foot outside of Cleveland. Larry decided he had one of two choices, he could enlist in the army or he could join the circus. He chose the latter and ended up seeing many far away places. The circus brought great excitement, but two shows a day, seven days a week grew tiresome and old. He has been married twice and his second wife Nadeen died as a result of a tragic high wire accident. He has no children, and dreams of going to Cleveland when he retires.